Intro, Splash and Nag Screen Remover
By Schadenfroh <quako33ATcomcastDOTnet>

About It

GNag is opensource, free software under the GNU General Public License.  The goal is to eliminate splash screens, forced intro movies, advertisements, non-browser based pop-ups and nag screens from installable applications.  By removing these annoyances, launch times and interruptions can be significantly reduced.  GNag accomplishes this by editing the registry, altering file system permissions, moving and renaming files (even those inside archives).  By not cracking or reverse engineering the executables, GNag can remove these annoyances from games without the risk of being kicked by anti-cheating measures that detect modified software.  If one wishes to view the intro movies, splash screens, etc. in the future, GNag can undo the changes made with a click of a button.  For more information and a list of supported applications, please examine the readme.  Select screenshots are available for viewing.  Other information regarding this program can be found on the summary page.

Get It

GNag was written in C# and thus requires Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 or above.  Windows Vista users need not concern themselves, as it ships with a compatible version of .NET.  To get GNag, download it from SourceForge and decompress it.  For Windows 2000 users that might not have a decompression utility, the freeware 7-Zip is suggested.  

Use It

An online copy of the readme (instructions) is available; a copy of this file is also included inside the "doc" folder once GNag has been downloaded and extracted.  The "bin" folder contains the application itself, along with dependent files.  No install is needed, simply open it as an administrator.  Most applications should be discovered automatically upon startup.  If supported applications are installed in a non-default location, the automatic search tool should find them upon request.  There is no need to keep GNag open once blocking is enabled, all changes are passive and GNag does not need to be running in order for blocking to work.  GNag uses a definition based approach, so be sure to use the automatic update utility in GNag to make sure one has the latest definitions.  Please consult the  readme for a list of supported applications and do not forget to contribute one's own definitions (see Help It).

Help It

Since GNag uses a safe definition based approach, a definition must be added for each new application supported.  The best way users can contribute is by providing instructions on how to block an application that can be implemented using the capabilities of GNag.  Most splash screens and intro movies are simply movie files or BIKs.  Search the nagging application's install folder for such files and checkout GNag's built-in definition editor to see if one can create a working definition or simply contact me with what needs to be done.  As one can see by reading over the supported applications portion of the readme, credit will be given to the person who discovers a method for blocking an application.  I do not own every application, therefore GNag is dependent on the community.  Also, please inform me of any bugs or improvements to existing definitions that might exist.

Hurt it

I will remove any supported application from the definitions and prevent entry (should no definition exist) upon request from the publisher or developer of the supported application.  Simply contact me (preferably from one's company's email to my address above) and I will remove it from the definitions as soon as possible and prevent it from being reintroduced.

Discuss It

GNag has a discussion forum generously provided by  There is also a discussion going on over at the AnandTech forums.  I welcome feedback either by forum or by email at quako33ATcomcastDOTnet (mind the anti-spam measures).